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History of the JRT
      Breed Standards: JRTCA and EJRTCA
      Registries and Clubs
      JRT Trials and Fun Meets
      Russell Rescue                      
Jack Facts: FAQ
      JRT book list
      How many dogs???  poem; Dear Dogs letter from your 'mom'.
      Famous dog logic quotations
Our JRT Crew
      Health Screenings
      Rocky's kids      
      Raggs' kids                
      Ernie's kids                      
      Puppy Supply list - includes books on finding Irish baby names
      Planned litters '07
      Past litters
      Future stock                                      
Reserving a puppy
      Costs and Shipping
      Reservation form
      Talking Points
      Spay/neuter contract   
Health and Guarantees
      Feeding Facts - nutrition, healthy immune systems,    Noni Juice.
      Health Research
      49th day of growth; Super Dog or BioSensor training
Dogs and Our Health*- articles of interest 

Dogs detect cancer: trained to smell cancer

Pets help people recover with pet therapy in hospitals. 
    Dog dials 911 to save owner
    Dog has vocabulary over 200 words
    Dogs are good for our health & welfare
    Dogs genetic family tree: ancient breeds?  
    Hike with your dogs for your health            
Training Tips
      How to train dogs

      Shop for pet carriers
Photos of Families
      Photo Gallery

      Neat dog photos
Famous Jacks
      Legends and Quotes
Favorite Links

      Secrets of Life: A to Z

      Military Salute

      Poisonous Plants, trees and shrubs

      The Best Goodbye, how to say goodbye to an old friend.

            How to deal with the loss of a pet, article by veterinarian*  and 

            How to heal a broken heart, how to grieve, how to love again.*


About Us | Fitzpatrick Roots | Contact Us | Map & Aiken area | Site Contents